To anyone who might be reading this, hello! This blog was created with the goal of creating a place in which I can publish my ideas, and test them on the so-called ‘intellectual battlefield.’ The writing here is a work in progress, and most posts are merely an attempt to transition from academic writing to an outlet through which I can more freely express my thoughts and enjoy stylistic liberty denied by the regulations and overwrought work of the Ivory Tower.

I’ve taken inspiration from others such as From the Green NotebookWar on the Rocks, and Small Wars Journal, and while the writing here isn’t explicitly focused on any overarching theme at the moment, I’ve found the clear and eloquent public expression of thoughts and ideas is what separates “just a good idea” from actually making things happen. The importance of maintaining intellectual curiosity and developing the ability to write well has been drilled into me as an essential part of learning to lead, and I hope this enables me to do just that.

This blog represents only my personal views, and is not associated with any of my employers or any government entity, and all I’m hoping for at the moment is to develop my skills in a public place.

Should you have any feedback, questions, criticism, (or job offers!), feel free to follow me on twitter @nickpugh1 or email me at nickpugh.1@gmail.com.

-Nick Pugh

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